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    Tasting Notes
    The Cotes du Rhone vineyard is one of the oldest in France. More than two thousand years ago, Vienna was a prestigious metropolis and first planted vineyards there. The idea which differentiates Northern from Southern Vineyards dates back to the 12th century. The reputation of wines largely overstepping regional limits, a royal edict in 1729 respecified the demarcation and instituted marking of casks with the letters  C.D.R. The Cotes du Rhone wines finally attained official recognition from the INAO in 1937 thanks to Baron Le Roy de Boiseaumari.

    Grape varieties
    Grenache & Syrah

    The Syrahs are planted on loess, a deep, well-draining soil providing a constant supply of water, without excess, throughout the vine’s vegetative cycle.
    The Grenaches are planted on sandy-gravel deposits, a soil with low spontaneous fertility helping create well-concentrated grapes.

    The grapes are picked at phenolic maturity and harvested by machine, early in the morning.

    After de-stemming, the grapes are vinified in concrete tanks for four weeks.
    At the start of fermentation, we carry out two rack and return operations, followed by staggered pumping over operations each day, to gently extract the aromatic substances, anthocyanins and tannins. The temperature of the alcoholic fermentation is checked and regulated.
    At the very end of the alcoholic fermentation, the temperature is allowed to rise to around 30C to help the polymerization of the tannins.

    6 months in concrete tanks.

    Colour: bright, deep ruby.
    Nose: forthright, fruity and subtly spicy.
    Palate: Delicious and fruity (blackberry) supported by a touch of liquorice. Full and generous,the finesse of the tannins accompanied by notes of undergrowth. This wine is a lovely expression of its terroir.

    Additional information

    Additional information