Domaine ROC Folassière Côtes du Rhône Rosé




The Côtes du Rhône vineyard is one of the oldest in France.  More than two thousand years ago, Vienna was a prestigeous metropolis and first planted vineyards there.  The idea which differentiates Nothern from Southern Vineyards dates back to the XII th century.  The reputation of wines largely overstepping regional limits, a royal edict in 1729 respecified the demarcation and instituted marking of casks with the letters ” C.D.R. “. The Côtes du Rhône wines finally attained official recognition from the INAO in 1937 thanks to Baron Le Roy de Boiseaumarié. 

Grape varieties
Grenache noir & Cinsault

This soil provides the plant with a moderate, regular supply of water.

Harvested by machine at night to preserve the aromatic precursors and prevent the loss of colouring matter (anthocyanins).

Direct pressing, static cold settling, followed by low-temperature alcoholic fermentation lasting 20 days.
The wine is protected against oxygen to preserve its aromatic potential.

Ageing in stainless steel vats on the fine lees for 5 months.

Colour: bright, pale pink with bluish tints
Nose: powerful crushed strawberry and slightly amylic (fruit drop) aromas
Palate: a balanced combination of freshness and smoothness, revealing fruity, tangy notes. A delicate, fresh and fruity, easy-drinking rosé.