Available since mid-October 2020
    through M. CHAPOUTIER Australia – Champagne Barons de Rothschild

    Champagne Barons de Rothschild is proud to announce its partnership with M. CHAPOUTIER Australia, who will become its exclusive importer and distributor in Australia as of September 2020.

    This collaboration takes place under the sign of excellence and conviviality, fundamental values for our two Houses. It is the reflection of a common desire to transmit the passion for quality and tradition, at the same time as a touch of daring and modernity in the world of wines.

    Created in 2005, Champagne Barons de Rothschild was born from a unique and unprecedented alliance between the three branches of the Rothschild Family, today represented by Baron Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (Château Mouton Rothschild), Baron Benjamin and his wife Ariane (Château Clarke – Edmond de Rothschild Group), Baron Eric and his daughter Saskia (Château Lafite Rothschild). Faithful to the family motto – Concordia – Integritas – Industria, (Unity, Integrity, Hard Work) their shared vision of excellence while respecting know-how and terroirs is now expressed through this great Champagne wine.

    Champagne Barons de Rothschild is delighted to join M. CHAPOUTIER Australia in this great adventure in order to promote its wines in Australia.

    Frédéric Mairesse

    Managing Director Champagne Barons de Rothschild

    1. CHAPOUTIER Australia are excited to announce a new partnership as the exclusive importer and distributor of the premium Champagnes from Barons de Rothschild in Australia.

    Champagne Barons de Rothschild’s premium champagnes are a perfect fit with our portfolio of family owned wineries, committed to providing wines of the highest calibre.

    An Estate that nurtures its vineyards with the greatest respect for natural balance and terroir since 1808. The family motto “Fac et Spera” – do and hope – says it all.

    Two words that sum up all the patience and daring that this art demands.

    In 1997, true to his pioneering spirit, Michel Chapoutier set out to explore the terroirs of Australia. The result is exceptional Shiraz wines, displaying great elegance and mineral purity. In 2002 he joined forces with Ron and Elva Laughton (Jasper Hill) in Heathcote to plant the La Pleiade vineyard, on a very unusual, early Cambrian soil. In 2001, Maison M. CHAPOUTIER bought three other Australian vineyards, Shays Flat and Landsborough in the Victorian Pyrenees and the Lady’s Lane vineyard in Heathcote and set up the fully owned Domaine Tournon with a focus on individual site selections and organic viticulture.

    1. CHAPOUTIER Australia imports and distributes wines from France, Spain and Portugal, along with the wines from our own estates in Australia.

    For distribution and stockist enquiries, contact

    Marco Hall, General Manager, M. CHAPOUTIER Australia